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Safe Haven Clinics this is a requirement that ALL volunteers who work with youth, must fulfill BEFORE they are permitted to volunteer their services. You may take the safe haven clinic on line. To find out more:  Click Here

Concussion Danger Signs


Beads in the hair. Beads are like any other hard object in the hair and they are not permitted, even if buried in the hair. They represent a hazard to that player (imagine a hard driven ball hitting a bead) and a danger to other players (the bead is on a strand of hair and the strand of hair can whip around to hurt another player's face). Players may not practice or play with the beads in the hair.

Taped ears. Putting a piece of tape over newly pierced ears is not acceptable. The studs must be removed during practice and games. Coaches, please help enforce this. You don't want to try to explain to an upset parent why their child has to have stitches to repair an studded ear injured when a hard driven ball smacked it.  Players may not practice or play with the earrings or studs in the ears.

Slide tackles are legal, even in U8. A slide tackle must be carried out in a carefully prescribed manner. The defender must play the ball only, not the other player. The defender must contact the ball before any contact is made with the other player. The defender must not put himself or the other player in any significant danger by his actions. A defender may execute a slide tackle correctly, cleanly stop the ball, the other player may fall over the ball, and no foul has occurred -- PROVIDED that, in the opinion of the referee, the defender did not endanger himself or the other player.

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