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Team-Referee Incentive Program

Team-Referee Incentive Program

We need referees! Without referees we cannot have competitive games. We are asking each and every U10 and U12 teams to provide one to two referees. In return Region 14 will reward teams that provide referees by contributing $50 to $100 towards your end-of-season team party

  1. This program is offered to any team in Region 14.
  2. The Region will give any participating team
    1.  A $50 rebate towards their end-of-season party for one new referee who refs 6 games in this season.
    2.  Or a $75 rebate towards their end-of-season party for two new referees who ref a total of 9 games in this season.
    3.  Or a $100 rebate towards their end-of-season party for three new referees who ref a total of 12 games in this season.
  3. The new referee(s) must attend and pass a regional referee training program
  4. The new referee(s) must referee in the U10 division.
  5. New referees who have children on multiple teams (such as a U10 and U12) may represent both teams; however, the incentive rebate will be split accordingly.
  6. The games must be refereed within the first eight weeks of the season.
  7. Checks will be issued after the coach has the team party and presents a copy of the bill to the Treasurer (or program designee).


Why are we offering this program? Region 14's referee program needs new adults. We are barely able to cover all our games and fewer adults are volunteering to become referees.

We already have a referee on our team, why can't he represent our team? Sorry, no. Only new parents qualify. .

Why can't my 14 year old child represent our team?  We appreciate and invite young adults under the age of 21 to become referees, but most youth referees do only a limited number of games and rarely move beyond assistant referee assignments. Experience has taught us that for every 10 new referees we will get 2 or 3 who will find the experience exhilarating and fulfilling. These referees go on to referee the older kids and provide region teams with much needed tournament referees. The other seven out of ten referees will do most of their service in U8 and U10 games.

What if a parent signs up to be a referee and, after trying a game or two decides not to continue? We ask new referees to try one game...if after one game they do not want to continue, we will not require any more service from them. Please note that we carefully mentor all new referees and we do not put them into situations where they will be over their head or without a senior referee available to guide them. To fulfill the terms of the Team-Referee Incentive Program a referee must complete six games. At the end of the six games we hope they will feel confident and comfortable enough to continue refereeing for as long as their child is in the program...and hopefully longer.

Can a U8 parent who joins the referee program, referee his own U8 child's game? A new U8 referee will not be doing any U8 games until they have learned the basics at U10 and generally that takes six or more games. Once the new referee is comfortable, a staff member will mentor the new referee in at least one U8 game. Generally, we'd prefer that referees do not referee their own children's games; however, U8 is noncompetitive. If there aren't any non parent referee available, then you may referee your own children's games.

How To Sign Up


To become a certified referee you must attend all three days You may attend either session. It seems like a lot of hours...but it is fast paced and interesting and we serve cookies (you'd be surprised how quickly the time and cookies go)

Check to see if there are any clinics available by checking the calendar page

To sign up please email Mark Feves at  Include your name, phone number, which session you would like to attend and, if you are under 18, your age. 

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